to my web page about CAVE-, KARST- and NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY. Enjoy the beauty of the mysterious underground and visit astonishing galleries in darkness. After many years of cave exploration, I am still deeply moved about their fragility and beauty. Leaving nothing there beside the short light of my photoflashes into the eternal darkness and taking pictures for documentary is one of my passions. Be a part of my explorations into the black.

Travelling to ROCK-, KARST and SCENIC LANDSCAPES around the globe, along with different cultures and wild nature are my greatest experience I would never miss. Be inspired and enjoy the beauty and diversity of our colourful planet earth. 


Photographing in caves is mostly team work! - I would like to thank all my caving friends, helpers, “flash gun slaves” for their incredible patience. Also a great thanking you to all international friends, who provided me access to their well protected caves.