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Grand Aven du Mont Marcou, France

Myanmar - Journey (Hpa-an karstic area, Loikaw - Tribal villages, Ancient Bagan pagodas, pulsing Yangon City)

Myanmar - Buddhism Cave temples

Blautopfhöhle, GermanyGallery Rainer Straub (Arge Blautopf)

Caves of the French Jura 

Salt Caves at Mt. Sedom, Dead Sea area, Israel

Surrounded by the incredible landscape of the Dead Sea, Mount Sedom is located -200m below sea level! - A thick salt layer contains incredible Caves, amazing pits are leading into hidden chambers with huge salt crystals cubes. – A real wonderworld.

Deserts and Rocks  - Israel & Jordan 

Dead Sea mountains, Makthesh Ramon, Timna National Park, Petra archaeological rock city and Wadi Rum

Cave Photograpy

A television crew of Germany´s TV MDR accompanied us, while taking cave pictures in the amazing Bleßberghöhle.

Broadcasted in the MDR Thüringen Journal, March 16, 2019

Atlas Mountains, Desert and rock Carvings, Morocco 2018

Altinbeşik Mağarasi, Kocain Mağarasi, Taurus Mountains, Turkey 2018

(Organized by the OBRUK cave Research Group, Istanbul)

Cappadocia Rock formations, Turkey 2018

Cappadocia rock-dwellings & underground churches, Turkey 2018

(Organized by the OBRUK cave Research Group- Cappadocia Expedition, Kayseri, 2018)

Volcano & lava tubes, Lanzarote 2018